DATA Play 3
Neighbourhoods and communities

Plumer House, Tailyour Road, Plymouth

Friday 24 June 2016
9.45am to 4.30pm
Saturday 25 June 2016
10am to 4.30pm

DATA Play 3 was a great success with some ‘speed DATAing’ that provided interesting discussions around neighbourhoods and communities. It was great to see the DATA Play community continue to grow.

The day included talks and workshops about:

  • Crowdfund Plymouth
  • Neighbourhood plans
  • Global examples of effective mobilisation using tech and/or data
  • Sensor devices and what they collect
  • Citizen sensing/citizen science tech demonstration

Once again we were offering £2,000 to help progress the three ideas that had the most potential to help the city and deliver some of the challenges we set (see below) which this time focused on neighbourhoods and communities.

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DATA Play 3 challenges

Technology for neighbourhoods

Neighbourhoods are developing their own plans for their local area.

  • How can data and technology help them?
  • Could it support the process for creating a plan?
  • Could it enable forums to include other peoples’ comments and write collaboratively?
  • Could it support them to promote and share their plan with others?
  • Through using existing tools, data and new technology what support can you offer a forum for £2k?

The Barne Barton Neighbourhood Forum is particularly interested in how they might monitor the delivery and impact of the plan. Also, collecting and understanding citizen’s attitudes to the plan in an interactive way. The Plympton St Mary Neighbourhood Forum is particularly interested in how it could more easily track and share other forums’ resources, templates and good practice.

  • How could they track the key decisions and morale of the forum’s journey to create the plan?

Find out more about neighbourhood plans and visit the My Community website for more information about developing a plan.

Sharing time

Have you heard about the sharing economy? Did you know there are lots of people in Plymouth trading their time?

The public sector is changing and can’t do everything it used to do. Communities need to change how they operate and connect to support themselves and the city.

Plymouth City Council is experimenting with being part of a Timebank as a way of valuing what local people do and trading time to support them to do more.

Timebank SW have set a challenge:

  • How can data and tech be used to celebrate swaps, make it easy for people to swap and better show all the exciting swaps already happening?
  • What could you do with a £6k reward to support Timebank SW?

This work is supported by the Department for Communities and Local Government through Delivering Differently in Neighbourhoods funding and Local Planning Reform funding.

DATA Play 3 winners

We received six ideas/proposals for DATA Play 3.

The following ideas were given a budget of £2,000 to take their ideas forward:

Chris Weight: Wireframes outline

Chris Weight put forward an idea to create an app and basic admin system to showcase how TimebankSW can get their volunteers even more engaged in swapping time in their local community.

Viki Johnson: Technology for neighbours

Viki Johnson wants to produce a website and web app that would use technology, bright graphics and interactivity to better present neighbourhood plans and reach a wider audience in neighbourhood planning.

Garry Hunt: Open data directory

Garry Hunt put forward a proposal to bring together various different open data sets into a simple, easy to use, searchable directory that will provide information on the amount of services and their location within a postcode area.

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