DATA Play is about working with local talent and tech companies to explore how open data and technology can be used to help the Council deliver services in new ways

Play time

We run 'play days' throughout the year to encourage people to come together and play with the datasets we've opened. These days are set in a fun, creative environment and focus on different themes and some of the challenges the Council face.

You can play as a team, meet people on the day or experiment on your own – whatever works for you! It's free to join in the fun so whatever you're good at - coding, analysis, mapping, graphics, thinking - we need your skills!

Play days

DATA Play 8

Housing and
social enterprise
17 and 18 November 2017
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DATA Play 7

18 and 19 August 2017
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DATA Play 6

Arts and
5 and 6 May 2017
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DATA Play 5

Health and
2 and 3 December 2016
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DATA Play 4

Environment and
7 and 8 October 2016
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DATA Play 3

Neighbourhoods and communities
24 and 25 June 2016
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DATA Play 2

Get creative
with data
4 and 5 March 2016
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DATA Play 1

Opening up
Plymouth's data
7 November 2015
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Play rewards

After playing with the data you can pitch your idea or project for a reward. The three ideas that have the most potential for the city will be given £2,000 to take it forward.

To submit your idea you need to provide a short description of your idea, a team name, the names of people who have worked on the idea and your contact details.

Your pitch needs to take about five minutes to look at – this could be a film, screenshots, text or pictures and it can be on paper, memory stick or sent via We Transfer. Email your submission to or apply online on our consultation portal.

Keep up to date with how the projects are progressing by following @plymccplanning #DATAPlay.

Get in touch

We're always on the lookout for potential investment opportunities in good ideas. If you think you have a great idea that will improve the city or your community email We also like to hear about anything you've done with our data so we can celebrate it and use it to influence how we work.

The team

Cherokee Mahoney
Thomas Westrope
Jessica Vaughan
Philip Jones
Sandy Whitehead
Nicki Evans

Our partners

And you! DATA Play is only as successful as the people that join in – if you or your organisation want to open data, share skills or challenges or just be involved email