We're committed to opening up Plymouth's data and using it in different ways to unlock potential in the city

So far we've opened 144 datasets on our data portal DATA Place Plymouth. We want you to use the data in innovative ways to create websites, apps, games, tech products or anything else you can think of - it's free to use and play with!

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Arts culture and heritage

6 datasets available

Includes boundary stones, listed buildings and city plaques

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Health and wellbeing

30 datasets available

Includes carbon emissions, fuel poverty and energy consumption

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Education and learning

9 datasets available

Includes libraries, schools and play areas

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Environment and greenspace

29 datasets available

Includes greenspace, playing pitches and ancient trees

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City life

21 datasets available

Includes public toilets, household waste and population density

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28 datasets available

Includes council tax and Council spend over £500

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Getting around

5 datasets available

Includes transport, public rights of way and bus stops

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Local community

38 datasets available

Includes CCTV and marital and civil partnership status

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Living and housing

29 datasets available

Includes business rates and living arrangements

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Rural life

2 dataset available

Includes planning applications and planning performance

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All our data is released on a licence and clearly labelled with which licence it uses. Further information on licensing is available on the Open Data Institute (ODI) website.

Get involved

If you're interested in playing with data or have ideas on what you can do with our data let us know by emailing DATAPlymouth@plymouth.gov.uk or join us at our DATA Play days, they're free and a great way to get together with people who are interested in doing useful or fun things with data.