Plymouth Web Event Meetup

Tuesday 23 April 2019

7pm to 9pm
VUALTO, Amarda Way

Plymouth Web are back again for another round! The event itself will be taking place in our venue sponsor offices. VUALTO design, develop and deploy streaming solutions to make your online video happen.

Their event sponsor for this month is Future Sync Events. Future Sync is a community minded tech conference keeping you in-sync with the latest digital trends. Hosted at Plymouth University on the 25 April 2019, the event is a celebration of the South West’s tech and digital industries. With three tracks focusing on business innovation, creative design and software development, this is an event you can attend with the whole team.

The 2019 keynote comes from Rubi Kaur, senior solutions architect at Vodafone with the day featuring talks from a Palo Alto based developer, design boffins from IBM, Google supported visual artists, entrepreneurial rappers alongside a smattering of the South West’s tech talent.

Plymouth Web speakers this month are:

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