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Health and wellbeing is determined by a complex interaction between a person’s fixed characteristics (age, gender and genetics) and factors such as their lifestyles choices, the social and physical settings in which they live, and the wider socio-economic, cultural, and environmental conditions.

The health of the people of Plymouth compared to the England average varies across a range of measures. Although life expectancy has increased for both males and females over the last fifteen years, it’s still slightly less in Plymouth than the UK average. There’s also a life expectancy gap of four years between some of the most and least deprived areas of the city.

A detailed analysis of the health and wellbeing of Plymouth’s residents can be found in the Plymouth Report and information on a range of health and wellbeing topics can be found in the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.

Health and wellbeing

Health checks

In 2016/2017 Plymouth City Council also…

provided 610,000 hours of care to help people live in their own homes
provided 46,000 pieces of equipment to help 17,000 people stay in their own homes
helped over 6,000 people receive a health check

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