DATA Play 3 - Neighbourhoods and communities

Welcome to day 1 of DATA Play 3! We’re up at Plumer House today and tomorrow, the home of Plymouth Community Homes. We’ve been made to feel very welcome and have dressed the place up in our characteristic DATA Play style.

A rainy morning has given way to patchy sunshine as the day has progressed and the room is quietly buzzing with data chat.

We kicked of with a bit of ‘speed dataing’, getting to know the other people in the room. We’ve got people from all walks in here; council, uni, neighbourhood forums etc, so it’s really good to get a feel of what everyone wants to get out of the day. We had a really good chat about data security and how companies use your data. Slightly scary – but interesting.

We then went into a series of ‘lightning talks’, quick 15 minute talks about a range of data and tech related subjects. Our very own Jess also gave a talk on Crowdfund Plymouth and there has been some really interesting discussion about how data can integrate with this.

We wrapped up before lunch with a bit more networking and then took a break for a tasty lunch.