DATA Play 5 winners announced

This time around there were 15 ideas submitted and definitely the best and most interesting so far – the DATA Play community is growing and it is great to see more and more projects link up with each other.

The panel

  • Plymouth Community Homes
  • Public Health
  • The Beacon Medical Centre
  • The DATA Play team

The winners

Rob Wick

Rob Wick (again!) put forward an idea in response to the challenge around connecting different systems. He will take a sample of the key stakeholders and assess their case file handling system. This information will show if there is a way to either produce an API which could link the existing case file systems or create a connected system to replace parts of, or the entirety of existing systems.

It isn’t possible to say for certain if these systems can be made to work together, or could be replaced in a cost effective, reliable and secure manner without first assessing the current systems.

A short report detailing difficulties and opportunities could help inform the future procurement process or even lead to a draft design document and further funding.

Elixel and Controlled Frenz

Elixel and Controlled Frenzy are investigating if there is a way to create a cheaper air quality monitor for use in our residential neighbourhoods with primary school students to measure air quality around Plymouth. Each child will take these monitors home and bring them back to their school/club at designated intervals to upload their data.

This is an opportunity to develop prototyping, design and communication skills while creating new links between academia, education and industry.

Nudge Up

Nudge Up are looking at menu design and how it impacts on peoples choices. They want to test that the way a menu is designed can strongly influence how people order food, regardless of what they think they want or need to eat. They are going trial this in a local restaurant and use sales data to see what impact it has.

Nudge Up said: “Our hectic, stressful lifestyles affect our food choices. When we are tired, stressed and hungry, we want fast fixes.

“Unfortunately, this often result in unhealthy food choices. Using principles from the behavioural sciences, we propose designing a menu that any restaurant/cafe in Plymouth can use to boost sales of healthy foods, making them more accessible, appealing and appetising.”

Watch out for updates on all these projects and more over the coming months. The next DATA Play day will be at the end of March – look forward to seeing you there!