DATA Play 8 - Housing and social enterprise

STEM Hub, City College, Plymouth
Friday 17 November 2017, 9.45am to 4pm
Saturday 18 November 2017, 9.45am to 4pm

DATA Play 8 is coming soon and this time will focus on challenges related to the social and inclusive economy, social enterprise and housing.

It will build upon conversations that the Plymouth Social Enterprise Network have been having throughout the year on how social enterprises contribute to a better economy. Read more about their previous events on the Plymouth Social Enterprise Network website.

DATA Play 8 will take place over two days and will be in partnership with:

  • Plymouth City Council
  • Real Ideas Organisation
  • Plymouth Housing Development Partnership
  • Plymouth Social Enterprise Network

Both days will be covering different things so feel free to come along to one or both of the days, whichever best suits you!

Information on the venue, agenda and challenges to follow shortly.