DATA Play 9 - Libraries and city challenges

The STEM Hub, City College Plymouth
Friday 26 October 2018, 9am to 4.30pm

DATA Play 9 is coming soon and we want you to get involved!

We’re excited to be running another DATA Play day on 26 October which will explore how data and technology can help the city’s challenges. This time it’s focused on libraries!

DATA Play is about working with local talent and tech companies to explore how open data and technology can be used to help us deliver services in new ways. Visit the DATA Play page to see what’s happened at previous DATA Play days.
You can play as a team, meet people on the day or experiment on your own – whatever works for you! It’s free to join, so whatever you’re good at – coding, analysis, mapping, graphics, thinking – come along and join in the fun!

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Rewards and prizes

On the day we are offering prizes and rewards if you complete the eight mini tasks we’ve set:

  • Produce a visualisation from the data we’ve opened on the DATA Place or another data set that is related to the city
  • Submit an idea or solution to a challenge
  • Think up a new city challenge that is related to open data or technology
  • Suggest a dataset to open on the DATA Place, this can be a Plymouth City Council data set that we might hold or one from your own organisation
  • Speak to someone you don’t already know
  • Attend a talk
  • Contribute to the favourite places map
  • Provide feedback on the day

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Collect a card on arrival and receive a stamp from a DATA Play team member when you complete a task. We’ll be holding a random draw and prize ceremony at the end of the day for those who have completed all or some of the tasks. The best prizes will be available for those who’ve done them all!

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