DATA Play 11... tackling the climate emergency together

Well, it’s been a while since the day it happened, but the ideas are still fresh in the mind. With a big thank you to RIO for use of Market Hall, and providing food, and a huge thank you to all attendees and presenters, the day was eye-opening and provoked interesting conversations throughout.

Starting in the 360 dome within the Market Hall, leading into discussions around behaviour change, and what we as ordinary people can do, continuing with topics such as the Green Minds and the Community Forest projects, and ending with how people can get involved with projects and what the Council can offer via the City Change Fund, each presentation brought different ideas and thoughts, and enhanced the day’s offerings. This is all without mentioning the guest appearance (and general show stealer) of Spot the robot dog, with his owners Balfour Beatty.

There were some genuinely interesting points raised throughout the day, and questions posed that made people stop and think. And that’s the beauty of these events; opportunity to ponder, chat, play with data, or just soak up the talks and let it all flood out later on.

If anyone has any interesting stories, or thoughts on how to tackle the climate emergency together, please let us know

For now, this is the last event in the DATA Play series, but we are working up new ideas and new events, so keep an eye out for any information.