Submit your DATA Play 8 proposal or idea

Thanks to everyone who attended DATA Play 8. We had a great couple of days with lots of interesting discussions about housing and social enterprise and now we want to hear your project ideas! Remember any ideas that have potential for the city or help deliver the challenges we set, may be given a budget to take it forward.

To enter you’ll need to provide:

  • a short description of your idea
  • a team name
  • names of people who have worked on the idea
  • contact details

Your pitch needs to take about five minutes to look at – this could be a film, screenshots, text, pictures, whatever works for you! It can be on paper, memory stick or sent via We Transfer. Email your submission to or apply online on our consultation portal:

You have until 23 November 2017 (9am) to submit your proposals.

For more information follow us @plymccplanning #DATAPlay or email